Dave Bellard's not-so-daily journal and sketchbook 

Sketches: American Plains and Rainforests


Two new compositions, trying out a new process. The photos used in these pieces were taken in June of last year, some while driving through the arid plains of Eastern Colorado and some in the Rainforests at the base of Mt Rainier in Washington. These are the first pieces I've done using glass plates, where I'm gluing the film pieces directly to glass. It's an interesting twist on my usual process but it means I only have one pass at collaging these pieces, unlike compositions on acetate where I can make a first layer of collaged images and then cut a composition again or swap pieces between other compositions. Can't do that when I create the first layer on glass. However, I really like the look and size of these new compositions. I'd love to print these at 60" long so they run the length of a wall. They wouldn't be very tall however. I'm particularly curious how the blue-ish desert-looking plains print would look that big. 

David Bellard