Dave Bellard's not-so-daily journal and sketchbook 

Sketches from Japan


Sometimes I work really slow. At this moment I'm sitting on so much film I shot over the course of 2017 which I barely reviewed after it was processed, let alone made any new pieces, it's going to take me a while to get through it. I want to use most of it in new artwork before I shoot new film, so I had to "commit" myself to creating or starting one new piece every night for a month. Of course I've already slacked on that, but I don't get too down on myself because the creative muscles in your brain need to be exercised like anything else, and if you let them get too soft, it takes a while to get them into shape again. However I decided that I could substitute posting my stuff to this blog or social media in lieu of creating new work if I wasn't feeling it. 

Here are a few compositions which I'm calling sketches because they're still in progress. These were all photographs I shot at the summit of Mt. Takao in Japan when I was there in April of last year. It was a grey day and the these compositions are capturing the melancholy mood of the place and weather. Not sure what exactly is next for these, but maybe I'll do some hand lettering in the centers, or some more collaging within each piece. 

David Bellard