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Shinjuku Human Flow Redux (video)


Another video I made in the Shinjuku station in Tokyo, this time I sped it up. I wish I would have put a stabilizer on the video beforehand, but its okay for what it is. From my comments in the Vimeo link: 

"Take a journey through the subterranean labyrinth of the Shinjuku station in Tokyo. Shinjuku is one of the major transfer stations in Tokyo which offers a connection point for all of the train lines that traverse the city and the outer suburbs. Like almost every first time tourist in Tokyo, I got "lost" in Shinjuku, and probably looped the entire subterranean portion looking for my connecting train. On my second or third time there, I decided to shoot some video of the experience. The soundtrack on this video is "Move On (Let Go)" by producer Octo Octa."

David Bellard