Dave Bellard's not-so-daily journal and sketchbook 

Shinjuku Human Flow (video)


I just stood in front of one entrance to the Shinjuku subway station in Tokyo and filmed a few minutes of humanity. Slow motion video of moving people is like people-watching on steroids. You become hyper aware of people's features, their clothes, and you find yourself asking questions about what are their stories. By the time you stop watching one person, you realize how many people have passed in the background. The slow motion of the video makes the green and yellow light from the fluorescent bulbs flickers like a strobe, revealing a subconscious metronome that our lives play to in time. 

The soundtrack is "Bear Dream of Berries" by DJ Olive from his ambient mega-compilation BALM (Beatless Sleeping Pills). It's a whopping 38 tracks, 255 blissful minutes of ambient/drone music to soundtrack your own life. Get it here: https://djolive.bandcamp.com/album/balm

David Bellard