Dave Bellard's not-so-daily journal and sketchbook 

Bellard: In Process (video)


I love time-lapse videos and I've been thinking lately about what it would look like if I made a time-lapse video of my process. Below is my first try. Last week I spent many late nights working on some new pieces and decided to give it a try with my iPhone. Because I work on a big light table (of my own creation from a glass-top IKEA table and a 30" LED panel underneath), I knew I wasn't going to get perfect results with the iPhone automatically adjusting the exposure every frame and in many shots I used a snap-on fisheye lens, however I think it turned out okay for a first try. The compositions I'm working with are from film I shot last year in Japan on a grey day on Mt. Takao, about an hour outside of Tokyo. What you see in the video are the initial stages of the compositions. I'll probably continue working on these pieces to make an four piece installation, I can see these pieces being really big on gallery walls. 

Music in this clip is an excerpt from "Juggling Skank" by Jesters Longevity, from their 2002 album Wicked System

David Bellard