Welcome to my website and I’m glad you’re here! I’ve been steadily working with more art consultants and interior designers and I have been fortunate in the past four years to be acquired in many corporate collections across the United States, as well as private collections.


If you’ve seen some of the work on my website, I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s a relatively unique aesthetic to the pieces. They are photographic in nature, however the composition process gives them painterly textures as well as a soft, dreamlike abstraction of form and content. My process lends itself well to commission projects as I work with a variety of composition styles - and sizes - with a specific plan for how the final piece will be presented in a space.


For commercial clients, I can create pieces that complement your designs and hew to your color palette, and sized to fit your intended space. I love working on design projects and collaborating with consultants, and as a former creative director my brain works concurrently as an artist and project manager, so we’ll be speaking the same creative language the whole time.


All pieces in my portfolio can be printed at custom sizes (porportional to original), except for sizes already editioned. If you would like to see how a piece would look in your client’s space, I’m happy to provide you with as many mock-ups as needed.

Do you like to get snail mail? Be sure to get on my mailing list for postcards and catalogs! I regularly publish postcards and catalogs of new work, and I’d love to send you some. If you are in the greater Seattle area, email me to schedule a time to see the work in person at my studio in West Seattle.