Thank you for visiting my website, and thanks for your interest in my work! In the course of my career, I found different audiences for my work in different exhibition spaces, but as a professional artist I discovered that the pieces always resonated especially well with corporate clients and commercial spaces. For the past five years I’ve been concentrating on working specifically with art consultants and interior designers, and I have been fortunate to be acquired in many corporate and private collections all over the world.


If you’ve seen some of the work on my website, I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s a relatively unique aesthetic to the pieces. They are photographic in nature, however the composition process gives them painterly textures as well as a soft, dreamlike abstraction of form and content. My process lends itself well to commission projects as I work with a variety of composition styles - and sizes - with a specific plan for how the final piece will be presented in a space.


For commercial clients, I create pieces that complement their designed environment while quietly eliciting their own attention from viewers. I love working on design projects and collaborating with consultants and as a former creative director (for nearly 20 years in the public and private sector) my experience assisting clients with their strategic and visual creative needs helps me to be a great creative partner. Like you, I know what it’s like to handle both the creative and administrative tasks of a project, so I speak your language and make it incredibly easy for you to use my work in your projects:

  • Almost all of my work can be printed at custom sizes and on a variety of papers, or substrates.

  • If you are working in a very large space or need mural-sized versions, all of my work is on film so I can provide prints at any size without image degradation.

  • I can modify any of my artwork (non-editioned) specific to your needs when commissioned.

  • I regularly send out printed catalogs and sample prints of new work to my clients, as well as provide clients with .

  • I provide clients with mock-ups of my work in their project spaces.


Be sure to get on my mailing list for a monthly email newsletter which I promise you is fun and always features new work and glimpses at new work! I regularly publish postcards and catalogs of new work for my clients and prospective clients, so if there’s a body of work you think is right for a project, drop me a line and let me know.

If you are in the greater Seattle area, email me to schedule a time to see the work in person at my studio in West Seattle.