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"Candy Colored City": Tokyo Web Book


I’ve always thought the pieces in the Hexagon Derivative series would make great illustrations for a magazine article or advertisement, and the new TOKYO HD pieces were a perfect choice to try it. So I made this little web book called “CANDY COLORED CITY” designed using the Tokyo prints as illustrations for some Situationist-inspired short poems I wrote about my impression of the city. There’s 12 pages total in the booklet below, scroll control for the pages on the sides of the image.


I wanted to design the web book in Japanese* because the colors and style of the Hexagon pieces are perfect for angular, dense graphic design that lends itself well to thick Japanese characters. In a previous life I was the creative director on design projects that were translated into multiple languages, which gave me the opportunity to use my international advertising stylistics in a professional environment. I really enjoy the cerebral challenge, such as it is, to designing in a foreign language because it gives me the opportunity to put to use all the Japanese graphic design I’ve studied and admired for the past three decades. It’s fun stuff, and I hope you enjoy looking and reading!

*Japanese translation by Urara Nishikawa, following some the established Japanese translations of Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle. [navigation on the left and right sides of the slideshow}

David Bellard